Timber Sale Round Up: EPIC Leads the Charge to Oppose Post-Fire Opportunistic Logging Projects

Westside Timber Sale, Klamath National Forest Photo by Amber Jamieson

Environmental Protection Information Center Having trouble keeping track of all the gigantic logging projects currently proposed by the U.S. Forest Service on our public lands? EPIC is here to help break them down and explain the projects and their implications. The Region 5 Post-Disturbance Hazardous Tree Management Project, which was proposed in 2022, is poised…

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EPIC and Friends of the Shasta River Challenge NMFS Move to Protect Landowners not Salmon

Shasta River drying up

Dire Conditions in the Shasta River Call for Meaningful Federal Action, Not a Mockery of the Endangered Species Act By Environmental Protection Information Center The Shasta River is recognized by the Pacific Fishery Management Council as “the most important salmon-producing tributary of the Klamath River,” with annual juvenile production estimates sometimes greater than the entire…

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Coalition to Save Jackson Strives to Secure Protections

Environmental Protection Information Center By Matthew Simmons, staff attorney for EPIC Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) is a nearly 50,000-acre mixed-use forest located in Pomo and Yuki ancestral territory and managed by CAL FIRE. After a century of clearcutting in Northern California, Jackson was created in 1949 to demonstrate sustainable logging. CAL FIRE has managed…

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The Struggle to Save Richardson Grove Continues

Environmental Protection Information Center For more than a decade, EPIC and our allies have fought off the misguided and controversial Richardson Grove Project, a proposal to realign a section of Highway 101 that runs through the ancient redwoods of Richardson Grove State Park. While we have held off the bulldozers and cement trucks through successive…

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Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat in Legal Limbo

By Tom Wheeler, Environmental Protection Information Center The last three months have been extremely busy for the northern spotted owl. In December, EPIC filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to compel the agency to complete a decision whether the northern spotted owl warrants listing as “endangered” (rather than as “threatened,” which…

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Fire Strategies Teamwork in California’s Northwest

The WKRP partnership reviews and discusses the effects from prescribed fire in the field. photo by EPIC

Environmental Protection Information Center The time to adapt and live with wildfire is here. Many communities across the west are working toward that goal. The climate crisis is thrusting change upon urban and rural towns alike. As the flames and smoke become more familiar, our relationship with fire must progress. Here in the Pacific Northwest…

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Novel Hoof Disease Found in Del Norte Elk Disease Raises Questions of Elk Management

image of a Roosevelt Elk eating grass in the wild

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recently announced that Treponeme-associated hoof disease (TAHD), a bacterial-associated syndrome causing severe lameness in elk, has been discovered in elk in Del Norte County. TAHD is already present in elk in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The current disease appears traceable to earlier outbreaks in herds in Southwest Washington in the mid-’90s. From their experience, we understand that this disease is likely to cause significant disruptions to California’s elk.

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Mendocino National Forest Backtracks on Logging Project Amidst Scrutiny

1,284 Acres Spared from Logging Under Revised Plan Environmental Protection Information Center Another EPIC win: In response to criticism by the public, the Mendocino National Forest has drastically scaled back proposed logging in the “Green Flat Restoration Project.” Originally planned for 1,534 acres, the Forest Service is now proposing to cut 250 acres. The agency…

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EPIC in Court to Stop 7,000 Acre Timber Sale On the Mendocino National Forest as Forest Service Attempts to Bypass Federal Law

Environmental Protection Information Center By Tom Wheeler EPIC is back in court, this time to stop a 7,000 acre timber sale on the Mendocino National Forest that skirted environmental laws to fast-track logging. Taking a page from the Trump playbook, the Mendocino National Forest is calling this timber sale “road maintenance,” which is not only…

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