A Busy Releaf Petaluma Season Ahead as More Shade Trees Are Planned for the Area

ReLeaf Petaluma volunteer Stacey Lisker hard at work preparing a redwood tree for planting at a local park. Photo by Marcus Moore

Releaf Petaluma ReLeaf Petaluma has an exciting and ambitious planting season ahead. We kicked off our season on October 21 with a Pod Leader training event. A pod is ReLeaf’s term for a group of 8-10 volunteers that work together to complete an assigned area. We planted eight beautiful redwood trees at Grant Park while…

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Trees Foundation Services Spotlight

ReLeaf Petaluma wanted to display the work they had completed for the planting season just ending, and turned to Trees Foundation for help. We created a map for them to identify the Parks and Schools where they planted trees in 2022-2023, and also to show those planned for next planting season and the one after.…

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A Tree Canopy for Every Park, School, and Yard

Releaf planting

With a Goal of Creating an Urban Native-Plant Oasis, ReLeaf Petaluma Hits the Ground Planting ReLeaf Petaluma As a new organization we are making rapid progress planting native trees in our city. People are wanting to take personal action against climate change, and this action is generating lots of support among both citizens and city…

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