Institute for Sustainable Forestry: A Brief Retrospective, Current Update on Projects, and Looking Ahead

ISFers at beginning of The New Forestry Trail at the Southern Humboldt Community Park. From left: Jesse Hill, Nonae Sears, Kathryn Lobato, Gray Shaw, Greg Condon, Liz Harwood, Chip Tittmann, Richard Gienger, and Tim Metz. Photo by Chip Tittmann

Submitted by Chip Tittmann, President; Greg Condon, Treasurer; Gray Shaw, Secretary; and Board Directors Richard Gienger, Jeff Hedin, Liz Harwood, and Connie Smyser Over the last 39 years, ISF has built a legacy of promoting forest health, forest protection, and sustainable forest products utilization in NW California, all while collaborating with local NGOs, Tribes, and public…

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State Awards $5 Million Grant for Forest Health and Wildfire Resilience in Southern Humboldt

MRC Saw Crew poses for photo on their first official day at the Chapman Ranch. The crew will later perform falling operations in Sudden Oak Death territory on steep slopes to start repairing the damage done by the Canoe Fire, 2003. (From left to right: Shira Brown, Samuel Keener, David Liming, Wyatt Leach, Bill Leach, Miles Oliart, Liam McPhee, Sam Epperson, Jordan Anderson). Photo by Eleonore J. Anderson

By Southern Humboldt Forest Health Collaborative CAL FIRE has entered into a nearly $5 million grant agreement with the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District (HCRCD) to implement the Mattole and Salmon Creek Forest Health and Wildfire Resilience Project across 1,022 acres of forest and grasslands near the southern Humboldt communities of Petrolia and Salmon Creek…

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Pathways to Fire Resilience Webinar

Watch the recording on YouTube How do we make our rural communities better prepared for wildfire? What resources and plans can support the safety of our firefighters, citizens, and homes? The following speakers will cover these topics and more, and are prepared to answer your questions! Pathways to Fire Resilience Panelists included: Ali Freedlund, Trees…

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The Garcia: A River in Strong Recovery After a 30-Year Effort

The Garcia River after restoration.
The Garcia river after Bio Engineering Associates restoration. Photos by Craig Bell

By Craig Bell The strong recovery we are witnessing today in the Garcia River is thanks to a 30-year effort that began in 1991 when Mendocino County Supervisors approved the Garcia River Watershed Enhancement Plan (GRWEP, Caldon, Monschke, Higgins 1991). The GRWEP was the first watershed plan in the county (and maybe the state) that…

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From the River to the Ridge: MRC and Partners Continue Coastal Prairie and Estuary Restoration the King Range National Conservation Area

Prosper Ridge Prarie Restoration Phase 7 Map, May 2020. Map by Hugh McGee

By Hugh McGee, Program Director,Mattole Restoration Council Over the past several years Mattole Restoration Council (MRC) has been working with the Mattole Salmon Group, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), various federal and state agencies, and local contractors to implement multiple phases of two important ecosystem restoration projects in the King Range National Conservation Area:…

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