About Dam Time!

“The purpose of us coming out was to simply commemorate the next phase of restoring health to the river,” stated Clayton Creager

Downriver Communities Celebrate as Klamath Reservoir Drawdown Begins By Regina Chichizola, Save California Salmon A few months after removal of the Copco 2 Dam on the Klamath River in October, 2023, Tribal members and scientists studying the river braved a cold, icy morning on January 11, 2024 to join the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC)…

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Restoring Beneficial Fire in the Klamath Mountains: A Long Time Coming

Junction Elementary School students and other local youth comprised the firing team on the 2023 Butler RX Burn. All photos this article courtesy MKWC

By Will Harling, Mid Klamath Watershed Council In the Klamath Mountains in California, and across the nation, 2023 was a turning point for fire. After decades of grassroots organizing underscored by ever more catastrophic wildfires that have shown the folly of attempts to take fire out of fire-dependent ecosystems, we are seeing promising gains in…

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KS Wild’s PLAY Program: Public Lands And You!

Peakbagging at Condrey Mountain Schist, along the Siskiyou Crest and nearby is Alex Hole where KS Wild works to protect high elevation wetland meadow from unauthorized grazing cattle. Photo by George Sexton

By Allee Gustafson, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildands Center What mountain range runs east to west in the Klamath Siskiyous, is an important wildlife connectivity coordinator, and is a botanically diverse hotspot? It’s the Siskiyou Mountains! Located along the border of Oregon and California, they connect with the Coastal, Klamath, and Cascade mountain ranges. The Siskiyou Mountains are…

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Welcome to Our New Partner Group

On February 27th the staff of Trees Foundation met with the board of Eel River Wailaki to make our partnership official! Although we have already had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects together, we are now excited to be able to offer additional support for their organization. Over the past year, our…

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Project Reports: Cereus Fund

For over 23 years, with direct input from our Cereus Funder, Trees Foundation was able to grant nearly a million dollars to our Partner Groups. With the recent passing of our generous benefactor, our fundraising efforts are increasing in our hope to continue offering these kinds of grant opportunities. The following reports are from some…

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Shasta River’s Safe Harbor Agreement Not Safe for Salmon

A 1894 Bridge off of Louie Road, on CDFW Safe Harbor property, overlooking a lot of algae in the Shasta River. Photo by David Webb

By Amber Jamieson, Water Advocacy Director, Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) Earth Day is about protecting our planet! The Pacific Northwest has been at the forefront of the environmental movement since its inception, helping to shape and enforce environmental laws. From forest defense to water wars, our community remains at the heart of efforts to…

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Forest Health and Fire Resources Program Update

Burning tenaa, also known as dogbane, when it is dormant helps clean up decaying stalks, adds nutrients to the soil, and can help reduce competing grasses. Photo by Alicia Bales

Southern Humboldt Forest Health and Wildfire Resilience Project The Trees Foundation Forest Health and Fire Resources Program has been hard at work in 2024. We began the year collaborating with project partners California State Parks, Humboldt Redwood Company, Briceland Fire, Elk Ridge Forestry, Eel River Wailaki (ERW), Native Health in Native Hands (NHNH), and numerous…

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Everyone Can Do Science! Nature Activities for Kids of All Ages

This shows the special headwaters of the Mainstem Eel River above the Scott Dam (forground). About 288 miles of salmon and steelhead habitat has been blocked for more than a century. Photo by EcoFlight

By Taylor Faye Benedict, Environmental Education Coordinator for Friends of the Lost Coast. As an Environmental Educator, I’ve been able to bring environmental science to life for youth throughout the Lost Coast with the resounding message: Everyone can do science! I make sure that students know every day is an opportunity to “take chances, make…

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Salmonid Conference 2024

Holding Space—Restoring Habitat and Making Room for Innovation By Salmonid Restoration Federation Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF) produces the largest salmon restoration conference in California, convening a diverse range of people in the watershed restoration field including planners, engineers, policymakers, students, Watershed Stewards Program members, consultants, academics, tribal members, on-the-ground practitioners, and landowners. It is this…

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