Remembering Dave Foreman, 1946–2022

Dave Foreman during the 1989 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.

Earth First! Co-Founder and Iconic “Redneck for Wilderness” Dave Foreman: Father of the Modern Environmental Movement By Darryl Cherney, Environmentally Sound Promotions Dave Foreman, one of Earth First!’s most visible spokespeople for nearly a decade from 1981 to 1990, passed away Sept. 19, 2022, just before he would have turned 75. While controversial, Dave, a…

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Then & Now! Ancient Forest International

Original and current AFI Board members gather to celebrate 30 years of AFI
Original and current AFI Board members gather to celebrate 30 years of AFI. L to R kneeling: Steveau Millard, Fred Bauer (OB), Rick Klein (OB), Douglas Fir (OB). L to R standing: Suzelle (OB),Jared Rossman (OB),Tim Metz, Lynn Ryan, Dave Walsh, Charlie Custer, Peter Childs (OB), Andy Barnett (OB). OB= original board member.

A Few of Our Partners Revisit Projects From Years Past and Share Where They Stand Today Then Excerpt from: “The Alerce Odyssey, A Journey to the Hidden Rainforests of Chile,” Earth Island Journal, Fall 1989 By Rick Klein An International Crew Puerto Montt, Chile, 1989 I looked out over the small city where the transcontinental…

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30 Years of Ancient Forest International

A large travel group visiting Chile, inspiring the protection of old-growth forests
AFI’s third expedition in 1990, posing on a temporary tidal flat while the tide in the bay was receding in front of the fjord of Cahuelmo in the Pumalín wilderness of Chile. photo by Daniel Dancer

Ancient Forest International | Inspiring the Protection of Old-Growth Forests In our Summer 2019 Forest River News issue, we celebrate 30 years of Ancient Forest International (AFI) inspiring the protection of old-growth forests in Chile, Ecuador, and Northern California. AFI was inspired by South America’s majestic Alerce, the “redwoods of the Southern Hemisphere” and their…

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