Klamath National Forest Targets Old-Growth Reserve for “Salvage” Logging

Recent Late Successional Reserve (LSR) old-growth logging on the Klamath National Forest. Photo by George Sexton

Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center By George Sexton, Conservation Director, KS Wild Headwaters of the Salmon River Threatened Nestled in the headwaters of California’s renowned Salmon River are scenic trailheads accessing epic hikes in the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area. The surrounding forests and tributaries are crucial refugia for spotted owls, Pacific fisher, salmon, and steelhead. For…

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“South Sacramento” Timber Sale Proposed Near Castle Lake and Castle Crags


Can the Forest Service take a New Approach with this Project? Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center By George Sexton, Conservation Director  The Shasta-Trinity National Forest has released preliminary plans for a large project located in the popular and scenic forests just north of the Castle Crags Wilderness Area in the Sacramento River watershed. The timber sale…

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Antelope Post-Fire Timber Sale Gets Marginally Better

salvage logging
A community field tour in the Antelope Fire area with the Forest Service, in which the public expressed concerns about proposed post-fire salvage logging. Photo by George Sexton

Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center By George Sexton, Director for KSWild Following the August 2021 Antelope Fire on the McCloud Ranger District of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the Forest Service did what it often does after a wildfire—namely, the agency proposed an expansive “salvage” logging timber sale. Targeting Old-Growth Reserves The initial Forest Service timber proposal…

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Climate-Smart Conservation in the Klamath Mountains

Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center By Alexi Lovechio Here in northern California we are surrounded by one of the largest carbon reserves in the Northern Hemisphere. Forests capture and store carbon, which helps offset pollution that causes climate change. Old-growth forests—containing trees that are often centuries old in a rich bed of living soil—are extremely efficient at…

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PODs: A Solution to Fire in the Time of Climate Change

By Joseph Vaile, KS Wild While all of us are focused on the COVID-19 virus and the widespread impacts on our lives and communities, we know that fire season is looming on the horizon. While our lives feel at a total standstill, nature continues onward. Wildfire season will come this summer, and we will be…

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Two Klamath National Forest Timber Sales

One Is an Old-Growth Timber Grab, The Other Is a Legitimate Plantation Thinning Project These days many Forest Service timber planners like to call everything they propose “restoration,” regardless of the impacts to wildlife and watersheds. So it’s always a good idea to get out on the ground and make sure that the agency rhetoric…

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Trapping Banned in Rare Humboldt Marten Habitat!

Klamath Siskyou Wildlands Center Every once in a while, there is a bright spot in the thorny struggle to conserve wildlife and wild places along the Redwood Coast. Wildlife conservationists experienced a beautiful ray of sunshine in early September when the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to ban trapping in Humboldt Marten habitat. The…

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