The Roots of Cooperative Management

A meeting of the minds: Michael Evenson All photos this article courtesy Michael Evenson

By Michael Evenson With the formation of the Trees Foundation in 1991, founding directors Rick Klein and I sought a path for forest communities to continue to work in the woods while “restoring ecological functions,” terminology that changes with the times, but means healing from the outrageous disturbances of the past. The path to achieve…

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Green Forest Certification Does Not Stand Up to the Timber Industry

By Michael Evenson, Lost Coast League …And It’s Especially Impotent When It Comes to Emphasizing the Role That Forests Play in Combating Climate Chaos The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created when environmental, social justice, and wood-working groups came together in 1993 with a common goal. The sustainable certification scheme was intended to nudge the…

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