Graphic Design & Publishing

Partner groups can move forward in their work more quickly with friendly and skilled assistance from Trees Foundation in creating a new logo, poster, flyer, newsletter, or larger publication.

For more than twenty years, Trees Foundation has produced printed materials to aid the work of conservation and restoration here on the North Coast. These publications are meant to inspire, educate, and invoke personal growth among the readers who seek to participate in the conservation, restoration, and protection of our wildlands.

Forest & River News is published three times a year on 100% recycled paper using plant-based inks. Every magazine issue is designed and edited by Trees Foundation’s staff. Forest & River News works to inform and educate our communities on the importance and interconnectedness of the many grassroots groups that dedicate their time to protect and restore the forests, rivers, and wild places of Northern California. 

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We provide our partner groups with a variety of graphic design & publishing services to help get your message heard or project completed. Get in touch to find out how we can help your organization!

Community Outreach

A primary goal of Trees Foundation is to strengthen the environmental community of California’s North Coast, and one of the most powerful ways we do this is by producing three issues a year of the Forest & River News magazine. Trees Foundation also enjoys attending and supporting partner group events, as well as tabling at various regional events. If you would like us to be a part of your next event, please contact us today!

Fiscal Sponsorship

Trees Foundation provides non-profit fiscal sponsorship services for specific conservation & restoration projects and organizations that are compatible with our mission and meet our guidelines.

Fiscal sponsorship allows groups to receive tax-deductible donations and grant funding for their work without having to incorporate and become their own 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. Trees Foundation receives and administers the funds, ensures that grant guidelines and goals are achieved, and can assist with grant reporting. This service allows groups to put their efforts and resources toward the projects they are working on without each group needing to maintain a bookkeeper, tax accountant, or Board of Directors. If you are interested in learning more, please email [email protected].

The town of Garberville, CA 
 <i>by Kim Sallaway</i>
The town of Garberville, CA by Kim Sallaway
Trees Service Area Poster

GIS Mapping

High-quality maps are a powerful tool to help to tell the story of ecosystems and the struggle to preserve them. Our Geographic Information Systems mapping department produces GIS conservation maps and products for our Partner Groups to use as educational and advocacy displays as well as for environmental planning and ecological analysis work. 

Web GIS Maps - Coming Soon

We are currently in the process of updating our GIS maps and making them web-enabled and interactive using Web GIS technology. When they’re ready, you’ll find the up-to-date maps on this page.


Partner Groups can connect with Trees Foundation to schedule consultations on fundraising, grant writing, event planning, organizational structure, and more. Trees Foundation staff is trained and available for meeting facilitation as well as organizational development coaching.

Donor Advised Funds

Trees Foundation administers and distributes donations and grant funding to our partner groups based on donor’s choice. The Cereus Fund of Trees Foundation, our longest running donor advised fund, began in 1998 when a generous individual contacted Trees Foundation with the desire to support the North Coast’s grassroots environmental movement. Over the past twenty-one years, the Cereus Fund of Trees Foundation has contributed over one million dollars to forest and conservation efforts throughout the Redwood Region. If you would like to set up a donor advised fund, contact us today. Funds can be set up as anonymous if desired. 


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