The Virtues and Limits of Collaboration

Inside the PFPD Fire Station Photo by Larry Casteel

Piercy Volunteer Fire Department By Jeffrey Hedin, Commissioner, Piercy Fire Protection District “Cooperation, Collaboration, and Communication;” add Coordination and it’s a perfect title for a report from Piercy. I first heard enviro activists promoting collaboration during a North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) conference at the Bear River Tribe’s Community Center in Loleta, CA. The presenters…

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Musings on Forest Health

Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities, Healthy Comebacks PG&E’s Line-Clearing, Why We Need More than Memes, and Some Key Definitions of Healthy and Forest By Jeff Hedin, Institute for Sustainable Forestry, Commissioner, Piercy Volunteer Fire Department This article has been edited for length. For the whole “poetic song” and its long email response thread, visit In…

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