Keeping Timber Harvests Out of Jackson State Forest

Photo by Jon Klein

Over the last three years, coordinated community action has successfully stopped a number of timber harvest plans (THPs) in Jackson—California’s largest state forest. Two of the blocked THPs had been submitted, one was approved and sold to a mill, and others were under development. The total area saved by the work of the Coalition to…

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Broken Treaties & Broken Promises

Pomo activists and allies from the Coalition to Save Jackson, protesting inside the halls of the California Department of Natural Resources, September 28, 2022.

Fresh Assaults On Jackson State Forest Belie Official Statements of Intent to Cooperate With the Public’s Wishes “California Native peoples have not forgotten the true history of the State of California, and we hope that our reexamination of the historical record is the first of many steps towards restoring the balance between California Indigenous people…

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Public Records Requests and the Maintenance of Democracy

One of the documents released by CAL FIRE in response to the author’s August, 2021 request: an invoice for six days of private security in the Caspar 500 THP.

A Jackson Demonstration State Forest Case Study Implicit in a democratic process is the notion that government should be accountable for its actions. In order to verify accountability, individuals must have access to government files. Such access permits checks against the arbitrary exercise of official power and secrecy in the political process. (California Supreme Court:…

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