Your support is essential.

Your tax-deductible donation is vital to our work of supporting over thirty grassroots partner groups that are leaders of community-based efforts in preservation and restoration of our forests. They stand in defense of the temperate rainforest region of the legendary Redwood Coast. 

Your generous donation allows us to provide our partner groups with professional graphic design and GIS mapmaking services at no cost to them. Your donation empowers us to run a robust fiscal sponsorship and partner outreach program; administer donor-advised grants to our partner groups; and publish the Forest & River News magazine—a publication that helps our partners get the collaboration and sustained community support they need to achieve success. 

Trees Foundation relies on individual donors for more than 80% of our annual budget. The recovery of Northern California forests, rivers, and wildlife is dependent on community participation and personal action. Will you help?

Trees Foundation is a nonprofit 501(C)3—tax ID #680259810. Our most recent Form 990.

<i>by Talia Rose</i>
by Talia Rose