Welcome to Our New Partner Group

On February 27th the staff of Trees Foundation met with the board of Eel River Wailaki to make our partnership official! Although we have already had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects together, we are now excited to be able to offer additional support for their organization. Over the past year, our…

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Project Reports: Cereus Fund

For over 23 years, with direct input from our Cereus Funder, Trees Foundation was able to grant nearly a million dollars to our Partner Groups. With the recent passing of our generous benefactor, our fundraising efforts are increasing in our hope to continue offering these kinds of grant opportunities. The following reports are from some…

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Book Reviews: Green Reads

The word green evokes many concepts beyond color. Fresh, new, environmentally friendly and a sense of growth can all be conveyed by calling something green. For anyone who loves to read and has a passion for this planet we call home, these books belong on your green reading list. …… The Ghost Forest by Greg King…

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Forest Health and Fire Resources Program Update

Burning tenaa, also known as dogbane, when it is dormant helps clean up decaying stalks, adds nutrients to the soil, and can help reduce competing grasses. Photo by Alicia Bales

Southern Humboldt Forest Health and Wildfire Resilience Project The Trees Foundation Forest Health and Fire Resources Program has been hard at work in 2024. We began the year collaborating with project partners California State Parks, Humboldt Redwood Company, Briceland Fire, Elk Ridge Forestry, Eel River Wailaki (ERW), Native Health in Native Hands (NHNH), and numerous…

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The Richard Gienger Report

This shows the special headwaters of the Mainstem Eel River above the Scott Dam (foreground). About 288 miles of salmon and steelhead habitat has been blocked for more than a century. Photo by EcoFlight

The following is an open letter I wrote in early December 2023. It remains valid today and in the coming months and years as an effort to reform (“modernize”) forest stewardship that includes a model of co-management. Perhaps the most appropriate and pressing place to achieve this is the 50,000-acre Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF).…

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26th Annual Coho Confab

The Smith River

September 13-15, 2024, Smith River By Salmonid Restoration Federation SRF, with the support of California Department of Fish and Wildlife, will host the 26th Annual Coho Confab at the beautiful Rock Creek Ranch on the South Fork of the Smith River. The pristine Smith River is the largest undammed river in California and is located…

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Every Day is Earth Day

While for many of us “Every day is Earth Day,” Trees Foundation is highlighting the annual renewal of our commitment to the Earth with this issue of Forest and River News. We hope the community joins us this Earth Day on April 22nd—the “how” is up to you! We suggest simply getting outside, taking a…

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Growing Trees Foundation

A Pair of Purple Martins (Progne subis arboricola) utilizing a snag on the Northern Red Mountain Forest Health Improvement Project. Purple Martins are a listed species of concern that over winter in Southeastern Brazil. They were one of several species protected with exclusion buffers during the Red Mountain project. Photo by Kyle Keegan

Building Capacity for Collaboration and Environmental Resilience This year has been one of tremendous change and growth for the Trees Foundation. We bid farewell to our long-serving and well-loved Board President Susy Barsotti, and we welcomed a new Board member, John Wilhelm. We also said goodbye to our newest staff member Mary Gaterud, who left the…

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