The Garcia: A River in Strong Recovery After a 30-Year Effort

The Garcia River after restoration.
The Garcia river after Bio Engineering Associates restoration. Photos by Craig Bell

By Craig Bell The strong recovery we are witnessing today in the Garcia River is thanks to a 30-year effort that began in 1991 when Mendocino County Supervisors approved the Garcia River Watershed Enhancement Plan (GRWEP, Caldon, Monschke, Higgins 1991). The GRWEP was the first watershed plan in the county (and maybe the state) that…

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The Best Use of Biomass Isn’t Burning

By Wendy Ring While the COVID pandemic and the accompanying drop in greenhouse gas emissions had us temporarily focused on other problems, recent bouts of extreme weather are reminders that climate change has not gone away. Global carbon emissions are rebounding, with December 2020 levels exceeding those from December 2019, while decreased tax revenues from…

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