South Fork Eel River 2023 Pikeminnow Survey Provides Encouraging Results

UCB divers after lunch on Day 2 (l to r): Phil Georgakakos, Gabe Rossi, Jim Greenberg, and Rachael Hein. All photos this article by Pat Higgins

By Pat Higgins, Managing Director, Eel River Recovery Project The Eel River Recovery Project (ERRP) conducted its eighth annual survey of invasive Sacramento pikeminnow on the South Fork Eel River from Rattlesnake Creek to Standish Hickey State Park on June 28 and 29, and results were surprising. The invasive pikeminnow population was far lower than…

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Institute for Sustainable Forestry: A Brief Retrospective, Current Update on Projects, and Looking Ahead

ISFers at beginning of The New Forestry Trail at the Southern Humboldt Community Park. From left: Jesse Hill, Nonae Sears, Kathryn Lobato, Gray Shaw, Greg Condon, Liz Harwood, Chip Tittmann, Richard Gienger, and Tim Metz. Photo by Chip Tittmann

Submitted by Chip Tittmann, President; Greg Condon, Treasurer; Gray Shaw, Secretary; and Board Directors Richard Gienger, Jeff Hedin, Liz Harwood, and Connie Smyser Over the last 39 years, ISF has built a legacy of promoting forest health, forest protection, and sustainable forest products utilization in NW California, all while collaborating with local NGOs, Tribes, and public…

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Willow Walls, Cottonwood Containment, and Flood Control

Lourance Hall passes out willow cuttings to RVES 2nd-graders, while teacher Casey Cann looks on. All photos this article by Patrick Higgins

Town Creek Restoration Project in Covelo Gives Round Valley Students Hands-On Experience By Eel River Recovery Project In 2021, the Eel River Recovery Project (ERRP) was awarded a grant from the Department of Water Resources’ (DWR) Urban Streams Restoration Program (USRP) for work in Covelo in northeast Mendocino County. The Town Creek Restoration and Education…

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Annual Pikeminnow Dive Provides Insight
into Health of South Fork Eel River

ERRP in the river
Phil Georgakakos gets ready for plunge into deep high gradient riffle with Stella Stein trailing him. Photo by Pat Higgins

By Eel River Recovery Project The seventh annual Eel River Recovery Project pikeminnow survey of a key reach of the South Fork Eel River took place on June 28th and 29th. It was determined that despite the population of this non-native predator remaining high, there were a surprising number of salmon and steelhead juveniles and…

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Restoring Native Grass Species Can Help Reduce High-Intensity Fire Risk

Eel River Recovery Project By Kirsten Hill and Pat Higgins Recent California fires have been devastating, and experts tell us that such catastrophic events are likely to recur. Three causal mechanisms are: years of wildland fire suppression, impacts of climate change, and the continual spread of invasive grasses that exacerbate the intensity of fires—a factor…

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The Garcia: A River in Strong Recovery After a 30-Year Effort

The Garcia River after restoration.
The Garcia river after Bio Engineering Associates restoration. Photos by Craig Bell

By Craig Bell The strong recovery we are witnessing today in the Garcia River is thanks to a 30-year effort that began in 1991 when Mendocino County Supervisors approved the Garcia River Watershed Enhancement Plan (GRWEP, Caldon, Monschke, Higgins 1991). The GRWEP was the first watershed plan in the county (and maybe the state) that…

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Federal Agencies Need More Funding to Help Respond to Mega-Fires’ Aftermath

By Pat Higgins, Eel River Recovery Project While less than 15% of the Eel River watershed is in federal ownership, public lands are of extraordinary importance with regard to production of clean water and native fishes and maintenance of biodiversity. In the wake of the record-setting one-million-acre August Fire and other recent mega-fires, there is…

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