Bill Lemos: The Passing of a True Eco-Warrior 


From Wild Classrooms to Helping Save Marine Life and Jackson State Forest Mendocino Trail Stewards  It was with great surprise and sadness that people of the Mendocino Coast learned of William (Bill) Edward Lemos’ departure from this world on June 2, 2022. Just a couple of months before, he was visibly hale, walking six miles…

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Coltsfoot and Cardamine

MTS Book

The Foreword to What Would You Call This Gem of a Forest Mendocino Trail Stewards By Chad Swimmer In December 2021, the Mendocino Trail Stewards published a coffee table book about Jackson Demonstration State Forest entitled What Would You Call This Gem of a Forest. This volume gives perspectives, thoughts, images, and essays of the…

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Why Is CAL FIRE Trying to Silence Its Critics?

Mendocino Trail Stewards By Chad Swimmer Author’s note: We in no way mean to disrespect first responders who put their lives on the line to protect us, but the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF), known as CAL FIRE since 2007, has two conflicting mandates—forestry and fire response—which makes any criticism of one…

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Then & Now! Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest

e beginning of Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest
The beginning of Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest (CRJSF). CRJSF was a Trees Foundation Partner Group for many years, publishing regular updates from Vince Taylor in Branching Out. You can read the full history of the campaign at photo Trees Foundation archives

A Few of Our Partners Revisit Projects From Years Past and Share Where They Stand Today Then Why I’ve Rejoined the Battle to Restore Jackson State Forest By Vince Taylor Starting in the mid 1990s, I began working to change the management of Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) away from its single-minded focus on commercial…

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The Mendocino Trail Stewards’ Plan to Transform Jackson

Sixty to one hundred-year-old Douglas-fir, culled and left to rot as part of the 2018 Porter THP. Drone photo by Chet Jamgochian

By Chad Swimmer, Mendocino Trail Stewards Jackson Demonstration State Forest—the name is a mouthful. JDSF is quicker, but rather clunky and inelegant. Those of us who love this place mostly say “Jackson,” unaware of the history of Jacob Green Jackson, the Vermont transplant who bought a mill at the mouth of Caspar Creek in 1864…

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