Every Day is Earth Day


While for many of us “Every day is Earth Day,” Trees Foundation is highlighting the annual renewal of our commitment to the Earth with this issue of Forest and River News. We hope the community joins us this Earth Day on April 22nd—the “how” is up to you! We suggest simply getting outside, taking a hike and packing out any trash you find, planting a tree or pollinator-friendly flowers, or doing some brush clearing with your neighbors. And, if you’re able, support an organization that shares your dedication to the environment!

We hope you’ll consider making a gift to Trees Foundation this Earth Day. Doing so enables us to support critically important local groups in their efforts to conserve and restore our forests and streams, and make our area wildfire-safe. 

Trees Foundation provides the financial and administrative support many of these smaller organizations need to thrive. However you celebrate Earth Day this year, thank you for the care and thoughtful stewardship you give our planet every day.

In this earth, 

In this soil, 

In this pure field

Let’s not plant any seed

Other than seeds of compassion and love