Meet our Environmental Advocacy Partners

EPIC Staff

Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters

Founded 1993
Contact: Karen Pickett
[email protected]
Twitter: @kp4redwoods

The mission of the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters is to educate and build support in the San Francisco Bay Area and other urban areas for the preservation of biologically viable forest ecosystems on California’s north coast. BACH works in collaboration with grassroots activists and organizations in Northern California that use diverse tactics and strategies to advocate for ecologically sound solutions for the forest ecosystems, with real solutions for forest workers and communities.

BACH engages in strategy development, direct media support, and other types of support, as well as consulting with grassroots groups, primarily on California’s north coast, working on a variety of environmental issues. BACH often joins with Alliance and Coalition partners in campaign discussions and trainings in preparation for campaign work. We also serve as a conduit to many media outlets and to the population centers in the Bay Area and beyond, to amplify our colleagues’ and
partners’ messages.

Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities

Founded 2015
Contact: Colin Fiske
[email protected]

Our mission is to promote transportation solutions that protect and support a healthy environment, healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy economy on the North Coast.

CRTP envisions a North Coast region with vibrant local communities where walking, biking, public transit, and other socially and environmentally positive modes of transportation are the norm. We are passionate about creating a world where these modes are equitable, safe, and comfortable for people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, income levels, genders, ages, and abilities.

Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)

Founded 1977
Contact: Amber Jamieson
[email protected]
Instagram: epic_wildcalifornia
TikTok: @epicforthewild

EPIC advocates for the protection and restoration of Northwest California’s forests, using an integrated, science-based approach combining public education, citizen advocacy, and strategic litigation. Our vision is to achieve protected and connected forests, watersheds, and wildlife species in Northwest California.

For more than four decades, EPIC has held public agencies accountable by upholding environmental laws to protect Northwest California’s native biodiversity. EPIC has filed more than 70 lawsuits on behalf of imperiled wildlife species and their habitat, many of which led to the permanent protection of some of the region’s most biologically significant, carbon-dense, intact ancient forests.

EPIC staff  photo by Clary Zulette

Environmentally Sound Promotions

Founded 1997
Contact: Darryl Cherney
[email protected]

Our mission is to promote music, arts, and media for the Earth, and our vision is that music can save the world! We advocate and fundraise for environmental causes (including raising funds for ailing activists), we promote concerts and town hall meetings, publish literature, provide logistical support for other groups (such as sound and hall management), and produce musical recordings.

Friends of Elk River

Founded 2008
Contact: Jerry Martien
[email protected]

Friends of Elk River advocates for a healthy forest and a clean Elk River, with the restoration of beneficial uses—good for people, good for fish—to 1987 pre-Maxxam conditions.

Friends of Elk River began as two decades of Maxxam Corporation logging were ending. New ownership by Humboldt Redwood Company, overseen by California’s Regional Water Quality Control Board, promised improved management. But over the next dozen years we realized that the agencies that permitted and presided over the watershed’s destruction were not going to be its salvation.

While Friends of Elk River continues to engage the state’s flawed regulatory process, with the support of Trees Foundation we are expanding towards building community awareness of our watershed and its history.

Our first venture into this new/old territory will be Elk River Heritage Days, to take place in October 2021. 

Friends of the Lost Coast

Founded 2000
Contact: Cheryl Lisin
[email protected]
Instagram: @FriendsoftheLostCoast

Friends of the Lost Coast aims to inspire a passion in students, visitors, and the community for understanding and preserving the natural life of the region. We provide opportunities for people to connect with nature through programs like Summer Adventure Camp, Native Plant Garden, Hikes, Lectures, and volunteer stewardship on public lands.

Friends of the Van Duzen River

Founded 1995
Contact: Sal Steinberg
[email protected]

FOVDR teaches students in the classroom, and in the Van Duzen and Eel rivers. Specializing in water monitoring education, FOVDR places temperature probes in 18 locations with youth and partners. With Trees Foundation grants, we have been able to take more than 500 students to see salmon spawning and hundreds of kindergarten kids to the Sequoia Park Zoo to see the Watershed Heroes. Our mission is to preserve the salmon run and to train young scientists. Our vision is to educate our youth so that they develop respect for Mother Nature, they share their habitat and ecosystem in a symbiotic way, and they preserve the health of the Planet Earth for future generations.

Human Nature

Founded 1980
Contact: Jane Lapiner
[email protected]

Human Nature is a touring theater company dedicated to addressing crucial societal issues related to the environment, especially climate change and social justice, through original theatrical productions. The company was launched with a major dance production, Human Nature, from which we took our name.

Humboldt Permaculture Guild

Founded: 1999
[email protected] Permaculture Guild

The Humboldt Permaculture Guild is a group of food producers, business owners, builders, educators, and permaculture designers. We all share a belief in resilient communities, regenerative lifestyles, education, stewardship of natural systems, local seed development, natural building, conservative water, and energy use. Our focus is on resiliency, adaptation, basic needs fulfillment (food, water, shelter, community), natural patterns/systems/relationships, and providing models for others to follow.

Mill Valley StreamKeepers

Founded 1998
Contact: Betsy Bikle
[email protected]

Mill Valley StreamKeepers is a community action group with a purpose to restore, enhance, and protect Mill Valley’s watershed, to educate the public about the importance of creeks and the life inhabiting them, and to encourage community interest in watershed protection issues.

Restoration Leadership Project

Founded: 1998
Contact: Richard Gienger
(707) 223-6474
[email protected]

Restoration Leadership Project (RLP) works to bring both history and positive solutions for adverse conditions in front of as many persons and organizations as possible. This is done through a variety of media in an array of venues from field tours, to workshops, to public and private gatherings and processes. A lot is done in partnerships with organizations that are integral to the accomplishment of RLP’s mission and vision.

The mission of RLP is to heal the damage that has been inflicted on the land and the people, and to examine, record, and share the impacts and potential effective actions for corrective measures and paths of recovery.

The vision of RLP is a recovered respect and direct nurturing relationship between humans and the forests and watersheds that support life. This vision rejects monetization of all values and resources, and seeks pathways that support natural law and conservation ethics that are valid to enable life and ‘right livelihood’ for many generations into the future.

Salmon Forever

Founded: 1995
Contact: Jesse Noell
[email protected]

Salmon Forever is dedicated to encouraging enlightened public debate on issues related to forests, watersheds, and the protection of beneficial uses of water.

Siskiyou Land Conservancy

Founded 2004
Contact: Greg King

Siskiyou Land Conservancy is dedicated to protecting biological diversity and promoting sustainable living.

Willits Environmental Center

Founded 1990
Contact: Ellen and David Drell

The Willits Environmental Center was established in 1990 to provide a physical hub in Willits for its active environmental community. WEC offers environmental education opportunities for the community and advocates for the restoration and preservation of local and regional natural environments
and habitats.