Restoring the Ecological Integrity of California’s North Coast

Trees Foundation's mission is to restore the ecological integrity of California's North Coast by empowering and assisting regional, community-based efforts that promote healthy land stewardship.

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Who We Are

Trees Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 based in Garberville, California that supports over thirty grassroots partner groups working on behalf of the forests, rivers, and wildlife of California’s North Coast.

 Trees Foundation was founded in 1991 to empower and assist regional community-based conservation and restoration projects. In the face of the climate crisis, we recently expanded our mission to include support for groups working to promote healthy land stewardship. This includes conservation and restoration work, and also recognizes the important role humans play in reducing carbon emissions, increasing carbon sequestration, and working to make forests and communities more prepared to withstand longer drought and larger fires caused by climate change. 

What We Do

Trees Foundation empowers grassroots efforts by providing our partner groups with access to graphic design services; fiscal sponsorship; GIS (Geographic Information System) mapmaking services; donor-advised grant opportunities; event planning and facilitation support; and organizational development consultations.

Trees Foundation highlights the work and perspectives of our North Coast partner groups in our magazine Forest & River News, which we design, edit, and publish three times a year on 100% recycled paper using plant-based inks.  

photo of northern spotted owl flying in redwood forest

What is Healthy Land Stewardship?

Healthy land stewardship of the Redwood Coast—temperate rainforests stretching from Santa Cruz, CA up to Southern Oregon—includes preservation and restoration of functioning ecosystems, as well as making watersheds more prepared to withstand environmental threats caused by climate change, including more extreme fire and drought.

While national efforts at reducing and reversing the climate crisis stall and flounder, Trees Foundation helps to empower local efforts to reduce carbon emissions, plant more carbon-absorbing trees, and preserve and support the health of our remaining carbon-absorbing forests.



GIS Mapping

We help tell important ecosystem stories by making maps using Geographic Information System technology. 

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Community Outreach

Informing our communities about healthy land stewardship opportunities and challenges. 


Donor Advised Fund

We administer and distribute donations based on donor choice, even anonymously if desired. 


Graphic Design Services

We provide graphic design and publishing services to our Partner Groups. 

Tree in Hand

Staff Consultations

We advise Partner Groups on grant-writing, event planning, organizational effectiveness, meeting facilitation, and more.


Fiscal Sponorship

We fiscally sponsor conservation, restoration, and healthy land stewardship projects in our service area of California's North Coast. 

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