Friends of the Van Duzen River

Friends of the Van Duzen River

Friends of the Van Duzen River (FOVDR)

Friends of the Van Duzen River (FOVDR) is a grassroots community organization comprised of residents and visitors to the Van Duzen region. We are dedicated to helping to restore the river for future generations.

FOVDR teaches students in the classroom, and in the Van Duzen and Eel rivers. Specializing in water monitoring education, FOVDR places temperature probes in 18 locations with youth and partners. With Trees Foundation grants, we have been able to take more than 500 students to see salmon spawning and hundreds of kindergarten kids to the Sequoia Park Zoo to see the Watershed Heroes. Our mission is to preserve the salmon run and to train young scientists. Our vision is to educate our youth so that they develop respect for Mother Nature, they share their habitat and ecosystem in a symbiotic way, and they preserve the health of the Planet Earth for future generations.

Founded 1995
Contact: Sal Steinberg
[email protected]

PO Box 315 Carlotta, CA 95528

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