Tell PG&E to STOP Ravaging our Trees and FIX their Infrastructure Instead!

The Redwood Chapter of Sierra Club is leading a campaign to demand that PG&E stops ravaging our trees and instead invests in modern infrastructure that will greatly reduce wildfire risk. State leaders must hold PG&E accountable for its negligence.

Why This Matters

PG&E’s antiquated infrastructure is vulnerable to high winds and its outdated lines create sparks that can turn into massive fire events. These fires have destroyed thousands of homes and other structures, killed people, forced hundreds of thousands of evacuations, and upended Californians’ lives. Modern technology can eliminate these risks even if a tree falls into a power line.

Yet, instead of upgrading to this modern infrastructure, PG&E has blamed the fires on trees! The utility has begun an assault on forested land by wholesale slaughter of trees near power lines, few of which actually pose a hazard. Trees sequester enormous amounts of carbon and are a vital line of defense against climate change. They should never be destroyed unnecessarily. This destruction also harms ecosystems and does NOT reduce fire hazard.

In addition, PG&E is not providing private landowners with notice, nor getting their permission, when encroaching onto their land to remove trees. Landowners have a right to refuse tree removal, even within PG&E’s right of way.

Not only has PG&E worked to divert attention from its own negligence, it has embarked on a propaganda campaign to blame the trees and gain public support for “enhanced vegetation management.” This tactic puts the cost on us, the ratepayers, whereas, if PG&E were to instead upgrade its infrastructure, the utility would have to pay for the improvements itself—a blow to shareholders. Ironically, it costs less to modernize the infrastructure than to do “enhanced vegetation management.”

Please join us in demanding that PG&E stop ravaging our trees and instead invest in modern infrastructure that will greatly reduce wildfire risk. We are asking state leaders to hold PG&E accountable for its negligence and misguided priorities.

Please add your name to show your support for this effort and to let your state regulatory and elected leaders know that PG&E must change its course of action.

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PG&E’s Enhanced Vegetation Management in Southern Humboldt County.
Photo by LaDonna Avera, posted first by Redheaded Blackbelt.