Living With Fire

Meet our New Fire Resilience Partners

SHFSC Tabling at Embracing Fire Day 2019

In recognition of fire management as a vital part of healthy land stewardship, Trees Foundation recently expanded to include the fire adaptation community in the grassroots environmental groups that are eligible to apply to become Trees Foundation Partners. We introduce our new Fire Resiliency partners on this page.

Due to the urgent need many regional fire departments have for more accurate maps, Trees Foundation has waived the requirement of applying for partnership status to Volunteer Fire Departments to receive free and reduced cost GIS mapmaking services. To date, we have produced updated GIS maps for Piercy Fire Department and Leggett Volunteer Fire Department. We also recently purchased a new plotter for printing GIS maps!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our GIS specialist, Cullen Cramer. Cullen brings not only his GIS mapmaking skills to Trees Foundation, but also a keen awareness as to the importance of accurate maps for fire responders as he is a volunteer firefighter with Briceland VFD and a technician for Humboldt County’s Fire-adapted Landscapes & Safe Homes program (FLASH).

Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council

Founded 2002
Contact: Gail Eastwood
[email protected]

Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council educates the community about fire preparedness and collaborates with other organizations to create strategic fuelbreaks and defensible space.

The mission of the Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council is to promote community awareness of fire prevention and preparedness; educate and assist the community in implementing fire-safe practices including defensible space and fire hardened buildings; promote cooperation between government agencies, fire safe councils, landowners and residents, volunteer fire organizations, and other fire safety stakeholders; and restore the historical beneficial role of low intensity fire to the landscape through prescribed burning.

Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council tabling at 2019 Embracing Fire event at Mateel Community Center.
photo by Bill Eastwood

Piercy Volunteer Fire Department

Founded 1957
[email protected]

Our mission is to promptly and professionally protect and preserve the life and property of our community with pride and dedication to the people we serve. We are committed to never failing to deliver the highest level of integrity, teamwork and quality emergency services in the area of fire suppression, first responder and medical aid.

Jeff Hedin of the Piercy Volunteer Fire Department at the Trees office with an updated Piercy Fire Protection District map produced by Cullen Cramer, Trees Foundation’s GIS specialist
Cullen Cramer and Darryl Cherney bring in the new plotter! photos by Kerry Reynolds