How Does Trees Foundation Support Your Work?

The support of Trees Foundation—both its expertise and its spirit—has allowed Friends of Elk River to expand from a Facebook page, mostly reacting to logging plans and the agencies that are supposed to regulate them, to an organization dedicated to building long-term bonds between watershed and community.
—Friends of Elk River

By providing access to funding, excellent graphic arts services, and an outlet for our voice through the Forest and River News.
—Friends of the Lost Coast

Trees has supported BACH in many ways: with fundraising, website development, newsletter and flyer design, access to other partners, technical support, and dissemination of information about our work and campaigns in the publications Trees produces.
—Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters

Trees has supported our work immensely by providing fiscal support, access to photo archives, and a tremendous amount of graphic design work for our newsletter, event agendas, and Conference Proceedings.
—Salmonid Restoration Federation

Trees provided the sponsorship needed for 501(c)3 status.
—ReLeaf Petaluma

Trees Foundation has supported the Mattole Salmon Group with Cereus Fund grants that have provided long-term support for one of our most popular efforts, the Summer Steelhead Dive. Trees Foundation’s publications have been great sources of information about other similar efforts, as well as a way to publicize MSG’s efforts.
—Mattole Salmon Group

When we started, Trees provided us with fiscal sponsorship. Trees has also assisted us with poster production and printing, grant funding, and graphic design.
—Environmentally Sound Promotions

Trees Foundation has provided a media outlet for MKWC to share information with regional restoration groups and
the public.
—MidKlamath Watershed Council

We were not quite prepared for support of our cause to grow so quickly. Luckily, Trees was there to lighten our load with bookkeeping and all kinds of advice for citizens of a grassroots organization
with no experience running a nonprofit. They also help us with outreach and graphic design.
—Mendocino Trail Stewards

Trees Foundation has supported our group with its donor-advised funds for many years. We appreciate your support!
—Salmon River Restoration Council

Trees administered just over $100,000 between 2011 and 2016, when ERRP was incorporated. Tryphena supporting us in Water Day 2012. Amazing posters by Jeri. We could “just do it” as a sponsored group. When we started bringing grants larger than feasible for Trees to administer, Barbara kicked us out of the nest. We needed to rise and fly.
—Eel River Recovery Project

Announcing C-SALT’s founding and putting us in the environmental network; awarding us a grant for computer equipment; and including us in the environmental restoration community. THANK YOU!
—Coho Salmon Land Trust

Trees Foundation has been a perfect match for FOVDR, with similar environmental goals. Trees has been an integral part of our programming activities over the last decade, providing significant financial and moral support to our organization and our community. Also, Forest and River News is very informative and well produced.
—Friends of Van Duzen River

Becoming a partner of Trees Foundation inspired our organization to focus on defining who we are, to identify activities that further our mission, and to become more visible and connected to community. We benefitted from Trees Foundation’s technical assistance in creating our website and receiving donations via credit card. With Cereus Funds, we amped up our fundraising, completed the purchase of The Sacred Grove, and created an annual Redwood Forest Program for urban youth. Trees Foundation staff readily and enthusiastically respond to our questions. We especially appreciate receiving guidance related to our 501(c)3 status and to protecting the land we steward. We appreciate being included as a partner organization and linked to collective efforts that strengthen our purpose. We love to read about the projects of partner groups in Forest and River News. Trees Foundation values and supports the unique contribution of each partner group and harnesses the collective wisdom and energy of the community.
—Women’s Forest Sanctuary

Trees Foundation has provided grant opportunities, allowing us to broaden our ability to reach out to the local community and beyond. The staff has been extremely helpful and easy to work with, responding quickly to email and voicemail queries, providing us with a beautiful graphic for a possible logo and paying vendors promptly.
—Ten Mile Creek Watershed Council

Financially, by providing us with a regular column in Forest and River News, and by helping us with design work.
—Environmental Protection
Information Center

Enabling access to funding sources and providing incredible opportunities and skilled services for communication.
—Richard Gienger,
Restoration Leadership Project

In the early days of the MRC, Trees Foundation helped with large graphic-design projects until we built the capacity in-house. Trees has always been there for us in advertising events or job opportunities. Forest and River News has always welcomed articles from MRC, giving us another voice for our restoration projects. Last summer Trees’ GIS contractor, Cullen Cramer, really helped us in a pinch with getting the Mattole Fire Atlas update done. (Since then we have hired Cullen!) But perhaps the biggest support has been through the Cereus Fund of Trees Foundation that has financed the MRC’s Forest Practices Program for at least a dozen years. That’s a dozen years of actively reviewing and commenting on Timber Harvest Plans that are proposed in the Mattole Watershed. The support of this small, otherwise hard-to-fund program has gained the respect of all involved, from the agencies that review timber harvest plans to the land managers that harvest the forests. In a nutshell, Trees has really helped MRC advocate for the health of our forests and thereby our watershed. Thanks, Trees Foundation, for helping us do what we do!!
—Mattole Restoration Council